a z a m 2 o 1 2

heyy fellas (; how are you? me , alhamdulliah fine. wohooo! readers, what you're determination 2o12? share2 baa. sharing is caring. hows to share youre determination? comment lerr. ada d bwah kan? hihi^^ my determination? okayy, i tell you my readers hearts! #broken english  even my english is broken i still want to write in bi. i dont know why. okayy, continue with determination! my determination 2o12 jeng3x
  • Good results in PMR 
  • No enemy and enemy become friends
  • Good morally , attitude
  • Want to become righteous servant of Allah
  • Become more better than last year and as well as further
that's my determination. saya harap azam saya ni semua termakbul  insyaAllah amin! (; bukan mau cakap sejja  berusaha tu yg penting okay readers include me.