Monthly Test 1 ( Paper sns )

talkin about my pper sns. Hmp, So sad, wanna know my marks? but, shht! I know im not clever like you all. But i will keep studying to improve it. Actually, i suprise too get that lower marks. So sadddd ;/ jeng jeng jeng. 20/100 I know it was to low. I know! When our teachers gave us that paper i was restless and i found out i was the lowest marks in class. I shock, and my tears wnna fall down. But i said to myself, 'Sabar effa, ni baru test 1. Pengajaran bagi kau' Maybe i too spending my time infront lappy. Hmp. Okayy, That's all. I want do better and this teaching me to do moreee better than better ;) 


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