People called friend's

See you everyday at school suddenly remind me of our memories ;/ Actually i want greeted you, but im too afraid you will not respond me. So, the conclusion is silent ;) But, i'm happy we still can smiling each other's that's good enough for make me happy. Misunderstanding makes us not become a friend anymore. Only misunderstanding! or other problems that i forgot or it never happened. One has to succumb to solve this misunderstanding or fight. The way you talk to me grude, my tears suddenly fell because i totally speechless you could say like that. Actually i want hug you tight and tell at your ears that i miss you so much. But, past is past. No need to remind the old problems, right? people's always say 'no need to remind back old problem's it will make you more sad.' I'll tried to throw all ours memories if i can. a lot of things we're going through together.  

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