heartbeat :)

  Hi. I'm very gratefully to Allah bcause I have awesome FRIENDS here beside me. Their always there when I'm in troubles or some have some problems. Yeah, I know you have it too. Well, since I've been a #TeamHijrah theres always had a big problems came to me. For example, now I've been strict to my religion. Yeah well everyones have friends with another religion and its so hard for them to accept our changed. But, I'm grateful theirs can accept my changed without no complained. Some of them are same like me #TeamHijrah and I am very comfortable with them bcs they always keep advise each other for unexpected thing keep reminded :) O Allah thankyou for the good friends that I have. I really hope this relationship will never separated even an misunderstanding and a small problema. Ameen! Them are My HeartBeat <3

haha, sorry for akak blogsigadis92 saya curi doodles dia. Comel sgt;p


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